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10 Responses so far.

  1. suhaybhafiz says:

    Is this out yet? Where can one buy this?

  2. rrreger says:

    Wow, great news, now dual core cpu+pixel qi or any other e-paper display and Im buying this, perfect all rounder!

  3. hameron says:

    @AndroidAdvocate Yeah right now it’s this with Pixel Qi vs the Acer Iconia A100 with Honeycomb for me. If this had Honeycomb, it’d be no contest.

  4. SeminarioMAE says:

    Where can I buy this ? Blogs say they’re shipping…

  5. JesseBAndersen says:

    @ThemeIshere I love to write notes… and using my fingers for hand-written notes doesn’t work too well. A stylus does the job better. If you search on youtube for “iPad stylus” you can see that there’s a “demand” for stylus on these types of devices.

  6. ThemeIshere says:

    @JesseBAndersen Stylus???

  7. JesseBAndersen says:

    Remove the glossy screen and add a stylus for my hand written notes and I would buy it.

  8. Flatos90 says:

    @Pelle4495 yeah one 10.1 in pixel qi tablet is out there it is the notion ink adam

  9. AndroidAdvocate says:

    Looks nice. I hope it gets honeycomb.

  10. LoftyCuber says:

    Hey, finally an android tablet that looks like its worth buying, dual cams, very very nice screen and at least a 1ghz processor. 🙂