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Latest offering from ZTE is this LIGHT V9 tablet PC.Awesome features at just around 350 dollars.Android Eclair,Qualcomm processor,upto 32 gb memory,Wi-fi,GPS,3.5 G/GSM mutliple bands mobile access,Bluetooth,Navigation and tonnes of android widgets.If you’re on a tight budget and don’t feel like missin out these lovely features,its the way to go!! Have fun watchin 🙂

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11 Responses so far.

  1. luzmikepotter says:

    fuck’n music

  2. Godsoftunder says:

    You talk funny

  3. hclphilips says:

    @kuvmuajoj69…..I’m sorry but i dont understand your question…Please rephrase it and i’ll try to answer if i know it!

  4. kuvmuajkoj69 says:

    dude u noe how 2 go bak 2 thi pattern unlock….afta alot of attempts it goes 2 tat email log in thingy??

  5. hclphilips says:

    @naslanoff….The CPU is a Qualcomm MSM7227 600Mhz processor (based on an ARM 11 chip)….Unlike the industry standard 1 ghz chip…think zte has done this as a price lowering strategy…and i havent checked with avi files…will post when i’ve tested it

  6. Jarrelka says:

    that how phones will look like in two years

  7. naslanoff says:

    hi, hclphilips
    thanks for the review. I’t a very new product and looks nice. Can you please check and say what is the CPU speed, probably model? Also can you make some tests with DivX and Xvid AVI movies. Low resolution – something like 640×358 I know that the tablet is expected to play well mp4 movies (h264 codec), but I wanted to know if AVIs play smooth also. Thanks in advance.

  8. hclphilips says:

    @rsnolifer …..have fun 🙂 enjoy your smartpad:)

  9. RsN0lifer says:

    I will get my own in like 2-3 days. 🙂 Nice video.

  10. hclphilips says:

    type this in google….’how to install apps into the sd card of zte v9’….click the first link that opens from android forums….it gives a detailed solution…i dint really understand what it means but i hope somebody might 🙂

  11. ejjohnnylee says:

    HELP ! anyone know how to install apps straight into the sd card ….?