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ZTE Maven 3 Hands On Review

Posted on December/4/2018 | Categories: Videos 9 Comments

At&T Prepaid Offers the ZTE MAVEN 3 as an entry-level smartphone for the phenomenal price of only 29.99 USD. This is my hands on review of the Maven 3. The full review will be posted in a few days! Be sure to SUBSCRIBE so that you don’t miss any of content I upload, and head over to the channel page to check get registered to win a .00 Amazon Gift card, just by subscribing and doing 4 more short tasks. It takes a total of about 5 minutes and who knows you could be the winner of fifty bucks. If you wish to donate to help the channel continue to bring new content, you can do so by clicking the paypal link below. You can also find my e-mail address and links to the video to get registered to win the gift certificate there as well.

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9 Responses so far.

  1. REjECTI0N GAMING says:

    Guess my age and if you're correct, I'll shout you out on the next video!

  2. BN Entertainments says:


  3. Ron Daser says:

    I can help you with graphic background to make it look more profesional 🙂 … I have you added on fb since playing marvel game on FB 😀

  4. Name It Build It says:

    609! Keep going! I just followed you and watched your videos. Please followback and let me know on one of my vids!

  5. playte says:

    nice video, small channel support

  6. Annie Farmer says:

    Great review!

  7. Tech Time says:

    Nice you been killing it with lots of phones

  8. Richard James says:

    ZTE makes decent phones just wish they would keep up on their updates. Nice video and I'm gonna guess 28

  9. quehoo says:

    As usual great review 👍 can't wait for the full review ☺️