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17 Responses so far.

  1. Kelly theSinger says:

    This dude must be getting paid for this review…I' ve had one for a year now…they SUCK Horribly!! they are glitchy…They take forever to respond to your touch…The Camera is Blurry as poo!.. And how do you retrieve images off this thing!!!!???..DONT BUY it!!!

  2. Peter Miller says:

    what 8.00? it's 40.00. do not buy this phone. this phone should not even be sold to the public. after 3 weeks of use, the phone continuously shuts itself off and crashes. sometimes will not reboot. att store refuses to replace the phone. ''they claim phone is an inexpensive burner and as a customer i should not have expected anything more than a months usage from it.'' Their Words, not mine! then they offer to sell me a more expensive phone. tried hard reset, cache wipe battery check nothing works. the phone also comes loaded with unnecessary bloat that eats up all of the memory. even with many of the apps uninstalled or disabled phone still continuously crashes. disgraceful. I am sure they will delete this again.

  3. Wayne Holton says:

    No data to speak of and they want u to buy more. Good for making phone calls
    And will anyone ever make a better place to type for people with human sized fingers. I have to correct constantly.

  4. Thomas Ricklefs says:

    This or lg Phoenix 3

  5. Linda Denton says:

    just got this phone which was cheaper then a flip phone I had cause I just want phone but already it is saying storage is low and have not put nothing on it except what it came with and also can I play the games without being connected to internet or wifi? thanks great review

  6. murfee 123 says:

    Very nice for 8$

  7. Jesús Rodríguez says:

    I love your reviews. Awesome job

  8. TheLakers2423 says:

    can you use wifi,mp3 player, google and youtube without phone service

  9. Team DoTz says:


  10. John Luzynski says:

    This looks better then the Alcatel they had last year for 8 dollars.

  11. Jeff Cross says:

    Has anyone tried running netflix or youtube on this? Wanting for my 2 yo grand daughter and that is all it will be used for. (She has a tablet but still wants to use my phone because she like the smaller size for her little hands. Thanks

  12. newfnshow031 says:

    Screen looks trash

  13. Bighouse Productions says:

    I just picked this up today at the Family Dollar for 50% off so I paid $15+ tax. I also had it unlocked through eBay for $1.79!!! So a nice little pocket backup device. I expect the $8 device to sell like hotcakes!.

  14. Ross Kirschner says:

    They have the phone at Walgreens now too. They have Simple Mobile, Att&t prepaid and Verizon prepaid. I thought the Maven 3 had 1 gb ram

  15. Hassan Ibrahim says:


  16. David hunsinger says:

    I'd buy one to do some ridiculous drop tests with it lol

  17. Ray says:

    I was waiting on this one lol. I wonder if the storage is adoptable?