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ZTE Maven Food Stamp phone unboxing

Posted on March/12/2017 | Categories: Videos 10 Comments

It’s time for another food stamp phone unboxing and review period.
This time I take a look at the cheap ass ZTE Maven. Recently this phone was on sale at bestbuy for the low price of .99 making this a prime candidate for food stamp phone reviewing.
Let me know what you think in the comments below.
If your sensitive or in your feelings about me calling it a food stamp phone….. Deal with it. And be warned trolls get served up daily here.

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10 Responses so far.

  1. Silly Gamer says:

    This Phone Sucks Hackers mess ups the phone but Im gonna make a destruction video of this ZTE

  2. Scooterboi says:

    "Food Stamp phones"..LOL!!  I always called them "ghetto phones".

  3. Jasonlee power says:

    I am on at&t can ihavei

  4. LindaStevensBZ says:

    You got played, Govt is giving these phones out for free now. You don't have to buy this for an upgrade all you do is say you lost or broke your other phone.

  5. Kelly Newman says:

    phone take all day to text Internet slow phone freeze battery died fast an I got power saver on phone ant's shit

  6. Asian Noodle says:

    I fucking hate this ill rater use it as a doorstop than a phone

  7. E's Vlog says:

    is tis a good phone? if u have used it how long did it last?

  8. Mang Led McGee says:

    I like the price and it plays Porn fine, and youtube is quick and other video related sites

  9. BrandonModz says:

    My friend pulled this out in class and I laughed, then he said, boi you don't even have a fucking phone.

  10. Alex Henderson says:

    Are you saying that the battery is not replaceable? Once it wears out, you throw the phone away?