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This time around, I have the the phone set up, running, all updated and we can see how it performs. We also take a look at how well the phone functions and performs running a variety of apps and visiting the web. For 0, this phone is a steal!

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12 Responses so far.

  1. Ghost says:

    Does it have a gyroscope?

  2. Tonya KingDaQueen says:

    is this the one that has the HDMI port on the side? if not what is it called I've been looking for it everywhere.

  3. Yo.itz.haley says:

    I love the phone I just got it a couple days ago and it works almost perfectly

  4. Kathi Manley says:

    Does this phone have a flashlight option?  Also, does it have a flashing notification light?  Not deal killers, just curious… I have ordered a refurb CDMA version from Straight Talk – 16 GB will be nice… constantly bumping against the 8 GB limit on my current phone.

  5. Jamar Lambright says:

    can u be on the internet while on the phone at the same time?

  6. iStraightSavage says:

    Subbed 🙂

  7. Lisa Adler says:

    can it be rooted

  8. S Adams says:

    Where do you purchase cases from for the ZTE Max Duo LTE Z963VL?

  9. Ana Flores says:

    How this phone so far!? I'm planning to buy it today so please respond asap thanks so much !!

  10. LexBomb6464 Master says:

    the ZTE Max Pro has more internal storage,runs Marshmallow,same specs and cost less,lol. why buy this?

  11. James U says:

    I have had this exact phone for a month using Straight Talk. I needed to update my Straight Talks Galaxy S3 to use google home assistant. Straight Talk said this was their best seller, and now I can see why. This makes my old Samsung phone seem like something out of the 1970's. Best value for the money period. (I do not do gaming, but everything runs fast and changes quickly. Battery life is awesome. Display is easy to read, and I also needed a bigger phone as I have big hands. When calling others and using speaker phone, everyone I talk to does not even realize we are on speaker phone. So that is great when on phone and working in the kitchen. Videos on YouTube work great. Even friends who have I phones are amazed when I show them this phones abilities. My only MINOR problem was pressing the power button by accident and then the power off display appears more than I liked. Probably because power button is on the same side of the phone as the volume buttons. A protective case from Amazon mostly solved that. 9 stars out of 10 from me.

  12. Danielle Richardson says:

    Does this phone have hotspot and can you get on the internet while making a call?