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Best Budget Camera Smartphone 2017 – Here comes our full review of the ZTE NUBIA Z11 Mini S : https://goo.gl/0yQnNR
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The Z11 Nubia Mini series is growing with the new ZTE Nubia Z11 Mini S. The S version has been significantly upgraded and has an increased memory of 4GB, the improved Snapdragon 625 SoC, as well as a larger display and a camera upgrade. The ZTE Nubia Z11 Mini S can now be ordered and bought at CECT-Shop.com! Your number one online store for ZTE smartphones from China.

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15 Responses so far.

  1. Michal Drugaj says:

    It costs 330€ in my country

  2. ConstantMinecrafting says:

    This is uploaded in 2016 … dislike

  3. David Koper says:

    What's your opinion on this; Honor 8 or Nubia Z11 Mini S as a camera phone? I've been watching a bunch of videos recently looking for the best budget camera phone and it seems that the Z11 has the better camera. A reply would be appreciated, thanks!

  4. Nitin Kr Sing says:

    Which one is better phone Nubia Z17 Mini or Z11 Mini S in terms of camera and battery?

  5. Asim Kumar Ganguly says:

    Good demo, i liked it, thanks

  6. vjal vjal says:

    cool review keep it up

  7. sudharson kamesh says:

    I want this color but this color is not available to buy

  8. Nikhil Shatelier says:

    After turning off edge gestures, were u able to type smoothly??

  9. Vincent de Leon says:

    good review… see you on your next review!

  10. NamelessDude says:

    how many fingers do this device support? also, hows battery life?

  11. papaMinta gadget says:

    hello where do you buy it ? in aliexpress its around 290 USD 🙁

  12. Dee Bee says:

    If I plug a quick charger 3.0 it's work or not with nubia z11 mini s.

  13. Omkar dhangar says:

    how to get a black variant in india

  14. Divyanshu Kumar says:

    Please Do A 'Speed Test' With Another Device! & A Gaming Review

  15. Jitendra Sakariya says:

    Disappointed only with 5.2" Screen size, Normal charging, Rear finger print scanner (Placed at very top side).
    I prefers front finger print scanner.