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ZTE Obsidian Review / Unboxing METRO PCS

Posted on January/9/2018 | Categories: Videos 12 Comments

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ZTE Obsidian Review / Unboxing METRO PCS
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12 Responses so far.

  1. Antonio Watkins says:

    he laughed because he messed up his introduction but overall android always run big I remember they evo was this size when it first launched and such a great value the phone is clearly worth more than you'll get so your pockets will be happy and if your smart enough you can do whatever you like on your phone gaming music YouTube etc you name it go android ZTE your doing an outstanding job

  2. MelvinJJ788 says:

    No it's not 8GB, it's 4GB.

  3. Hug Hawks says:

    zte how much is it

  4. Hug Hawks says:

    i'm trying to get one

  5. Elijah Dixom says:

    do metro still have zte zmax

  6. Josh Hinnenkamp says:

    "Your" watching..? Wow, talk about a bad first impression.

  7. ALAN WORD II says:

    The way he laughed at the beginning made me know this phone was shit. 😄

  8. Paul Tech says:

    when will the lg g stylo get marshmallow? ????

  9. Fault says:

    it's a low range + mid ranger, like you said its for people who just want basic things done. but the ui looks like an ICS + Gingerbread + Lollipop hybrid.

  10. xGREG93RMx says:

    does the moto x pure edition work on metro pcs?

  11. jacob rios says:

    is this phone better then the samsung prime core? not the grand prime

  12. Ricky Paz says:

    internal memory is actually 4GB