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ZTE Obsidian Unboxing / First Look for Metro PCS

Posted on February/26/2017 | Categories: Videos 14 Comments

The Funniest/Worst UnBoxing on Youtube EVER!

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This is the funnest video review i have made for the new phone that just came out from ZTE Obsidian Unboxing Metro PCS

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14 Responses so far.

  1. Robert Hearns says:

    I used to have that phone it's trash

  2. Naihsem A says:

    Where does the SD card go?

  3. omgits Janalyn says:

    I'm watching this on that phone.

  4. erica simmons says:

    is it waterproof?

  5. erica simmons says:

    is it waterproof?

  6. Steve Holt says:

    you guys seem chill as fuck

  7. Daniel Ruppmann says:

    FYI folks. all phones are made in china

  8. JGTechBlog says:

    The point of this video was to do a funny unboxing instead of the normal lame videos in the hundreds that area already made on youtube so not sure why all the dislikes.

  9. Mr Dave says:

    So this was TRULY and unboxing [only] video.
    They had no idea what the name of the phone was, or any stats about it WHAT…SO…EVER!

    Comes with a phone, charger, cable, quick manual and a sim card <==== That's your video.

    But it was funny to watch them bickering like old bitties at a nursing home.

  10. Mr Dave says:


  11. Mr Dave says:

    ZTE "upside down"?
    I call it the "Absurdian" bec the specs are, well, … 4g internal memory? My dog has more internal memory than that!

  12. Best Girl Baller 3 says:

    I have that zte obsidian and my mom go it for me for $130 and it is really fast and easy to use

  13. The-terminator says:

    IPhone 6s

  14. Eric Beltran says:

    and know how to get rid of some of the pages??