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ZTE OBSIDIAN VS LG LEON Comparison and (Speed Test) For Metro Pcs

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8 Responses so far.

  1. MelvinJJ788 says:

    Luckily, I don't have the ZTE Obsidian anymore, I now have the Samsung Galaxy On5, which is bigger and better. I always had problems out of that Obsidian phone, it freezes and crashes like CRAZY. It would currently freeze up when the volume is at a high level when a speaker is connected. It will stay crashed until I remove the battery and insert it back in. So now I have something new that acts better. Goodbye ZTE Obsidian, wouldn't be needing you anymore! 😉

  2. TheKingOfPopGamer 19582009 says:

    LG Leon is better then that phone whatever it's called I forget

  3. Algis Williams says:

    No one cares

  4. Antwan Gilchrist says:

    had a onsidian but got a leon now!!!

  5. N for Noah says:

    Leon is ips, obsidian is tft right

  6. Laterian Benjamin says:

    zte is better that is it

  7. Alarm Tech911 says:

    does the ZTE take time to charge? I know the leon is super slow, also how much available memory does it have?

  8. Mia Willis says:

    I had the LG leon and its a piece of junk I had it for only 3 months and it just stopped working it kept turning on and off on and off like idk what happen to it but I got the obsidian now it works so Much better I suggest you guy's not to buy the LG Leon that phone sucks