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ZTE Overture 2 review

Posted on January/7/2018 | Categories: Videos 8 Comments

ZTE Overture 2 review
4.5″ display
Quad-core processors
5MP rear camera with flash
HD Videos

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8 Responses so far.

  1. HOWYOUDOIN884 says:

    Have had this phone for 1 month and IT SUCKS! It is soooooo buggy! It is only about 70% reliable, which means 30% of the time it won't behave right. The screen will go dim for no apparent reason other than bad engineering, then you'll have to press the top button and unlock the screen by entering your password. The engineers must know this phone sucks and instead of not selling it they just sell it for a low price.

  2. Adrian Lockwood says:

    Can you do a video about the HTC desire 520 or Samsung galaxy grand prime or another one about the zte overture 2

  3. Aryana Marquezze says:

    I got this for $25.50

  4. brittany locklear says:

    Can You Get Instagram On this Phone?

  5. Emily Mejia says:

    can you screen shot on the phone

  6. Dan Pena says:

    Cricket charged me $49.99 for the phone and a $25 activation fee.  about $82 bucks all together.  I've had it for two weeks now and I'm not content with the phone.  Lacks luster in many ways.  Had to buy new phone because my Nokia Lumia 635 battery died and I decided to get an android in order to download apps windows phone cannot. This ZTE Android is not very satisfying. Slow, sluggish, unresponsive at times and battery life is poor – Never a full day and I don't use it as much as others use their phone. The worst is NO ANTENNA ACCESS so no FM antenna radio.  BAD, BAD, BAD!!!

  7. Inglorious Massturd says:

    Hey man is it still $49.99 if you physically go to the store and activate it there or do you have to activate it online to get it for that price

  8. go to superdogiton this channel is dead says:

    Can you please give some samples of the camera on this phone?