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ZTE PF 112 hands on

Posted on February/9/2018 | Categories: Videos 9 Comments

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9 Responses so far.

  1. AVDULAI says:

    livewallpapers at org


  2. mumblefluff says:

    No, galaxy nexus looks different, this looks exactly like nexus s.

  3. Matt Weber says:

    I never thought I'd say this. But this ZTE phone is beautiful :')

  4. BiLL Ramseyer says:

    I have the htc 1 s from t mobile and I really need that live wallpaper please somebody tell me what it is

  5. Duschmon7 says:

    Wth is that live wallpaper called!? Somebody knows!!! Just say it already!

  6. Tech4YourNeeds says:

    It look exactly like the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

  7. cg2657 says:

    Looks exactly like the Galaxy Nexus

  8. Carlos Abreu says:

    love the live wallpaper!!!

  9. 2silvertv says:

    What lwp is that?