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ZTE has few Android smartphones entry-level on the go

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4 Responses so far.

  1. sonia2439 says:

    j’ai eu le zte link mais je ne ses pas oncore m’en servire je ne sais pas comment envoiyer une video par bluetooth ou des photo

  2. j4mie100 says:

    The touch screen on the zte racer is much more responsive than the zte vegas

  3. toyota9001 says:

    The one with the sliding keyboard is called the ZTE Smooth, I guess the other with the capacitive touchscreen will be the ZTE Blade.
    Also, I have had a go with the Pulse Mini and the Racer, you’re right, the Racer is definitely more responsive and snappy, I guess because it has an msm7227 chipset as opposed to the pulse mini’s msm7225.

  4. TheDJTurner says:

    Yes it does, the screen looks a lot better and more responsive. Does anyone know what those two other phones are called.