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ZTE Racer Review

Posted on December/2/2010 | Categories: Videos 10 Comments

Guest Hosted By Nikynaco Featuring Opinions And More On The ZTE Racer

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10 Responses so far.

  1. FindingEmoxP says:

    Can i still go on the phone while it is charging? can someone tell me

  2. BAMitsFRESHPINK says:

    i can’t even see it propally and hear it not good enough information and by the way how old are u?

  3. Froggintor94 says:

    @TheStealthmatty The south west of england? like cornwall?

  4. TheStealthmatty says:

    Lol I know, signal is SO bad in my area, dont buy it if you live in the south west

  5. philsthoughts says:

    unfortunatley 3 are bad for signal.

  6. TheStealthmatty says:

    Thanks for the nice comments :3

  7. SoftwareTutorial says:

    San Fran FTW!

  8. TheStealthmatty says:

    Sorry this was my first review

  9. dom86juve says:

    haha lol it smells good

    and perfume

    thanks for the lol.

    Anyway thanks guys for the video.

  10. kondor1001 says:

    Enjoyed ths review. It is nice to get the views of a younger person, especially at this time of year when us older folk are looking for xmas pressys for the young ones.