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ZTE Reef

Posted on November/2/2017 | Categories: Videos 15 Comments

You can take Virgin Mobile’s ZTE Reef for a swim, but its low-end feature set and uneven performance are all wet.

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15 Responses so far.

  1. chris sun says:

    i see this on the virgin moble website and it was 50 bucks and was questing if a phone is that cheap its probably crappy but when i got its not the best but it serves it purpose

  2. Nickolas Faz says:

    I have a reef and its nice, speed seems to be the main problem but has nice camera features loud speaker lot of memory sleek design and only cost $100 so i got a good deal 🙂

  3. Brian Meers says:

    I like it

  4. dj_knight_bringin'_back_the_old_school_style says:

    Zte brand always suck on speed like going on the web watch YouTube all the good stuff the music player suck two zte needs to improve all that,cant take out phones who are slow to sale to the world

  5. dgriffinm says:

    For all those times you need to make a call from the shower or bath

  6. Macovei Vlad says:

    If water can't get in i don't see how could dust get in. It could surely clog the ports but i won't damage the phone. My point is: this phone is dust RESISTANT too.

  7. Mateo Alfaro says:

    theres a front facing camera

  8. Jerry North says:

    I love this phone

  9. Duschmon7 says:

    "It doesn't look water resistant". THATS THE POINT!!

  10. PussMag says:

    can't spread Lynn La and Cheap Phones, they are married bob darn it

  11. Bernardo Tamis Jr says:

    nice phone

  12. Aziie Ashmut says:

    They should handover all the smartphone rebiews to this guys other than the guy with glasses talking like he's reading something -_-

  13. Yoav Yuval says:

    Looks fine…

  14. iTeddybear says:

    He literally says the exact same thing Lynn does. It's not rocket science. Maybe you just have a hard time taking women seriously. That's your problem.

  15. WhatDoesntkillYa says:

    Kent German is still alive?