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ZTE Score Disassembly Metro Pcs

Posted on May/27/2018 | Categories: Videos 15 Comments

This video is on how to put a ZTE Score back together after full disassembly. Make sure to check out my other videos and hit subscribe!

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15 Responses so far.

  1. Sergio Cáceres says:

    It hasn't a SIM? I have one in Haiti but it said no service.

  2. salmmm22 says:

    Have you ever disassembled the ZTE N9810/Sprint Vital/Virgin Mobile Supreme? I can't find a video anywhere. I get stuck at the volume keys when removing the frame following removal of the screws. It just doesn't budge.

  3. Natalie says:

    Do you know how to fix the unlock button??

  4. WeActOnImpulse Official says:

    I put a cricket motherboard in a MetroPCS body. Didn't notice the soft buttons were different… lol.

  5. kayla larmon says:

    thank you i needed this i needed it to figure out how to replace my screen on my phone

  6. Kavena V says:

    FYI – that's my wife posting on my name. She's never opened up a phone in her life. She brought her phone back to life because of this diy video. Saved her money and me stress because the phone was less than 4 days old and we didn't buy the insurance.

  7. Kavena V says:

    Hey thanks for the video. I was able to repair my broken glass from watching this. It was a little tricky, but saved me money. Thanks again!

  8. Abdoulaye Djire says:

    How do you fix the touch screen if it gets unresponsive for no reason

  9. willalcida says:

    How yo phone inside charger part

  10. lessosa315 says:

    how do i fix a white screen

  11. Metro Phone Repair says:

    the charger port is soldered to the circuit board and you would need to find someone experienced in soldering to fix it for you. Honestly I would just buy a new phone.

  12. Dwayne Hughes says:

    How do i fix my usb micro charger port? Do i have to get a completely new circuit board bcuz i see in the video that it is connected to the circuit board

  13. Tressa Washington-Adabo says:

    how do you replace the outer screen if it's cracked. i've got a replacement but no one shows how to take the old one out and replace it with a new one.

  14. Ernie Bernz says:

    my screw is all skripped on one the sides my memory card is stuck

  15. kidroy2010 says:

    thanks bro ! been looking all over youtube for this lol