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ZTE Score unboxing and review

Posted on May/21/2018 | Categories: Videos 17 Comments

Hey guys here for another video, I have the ZTE Score Android smartphone from Cricket. This phone operates on Android 2.3.4 and feels very good in the hand. The only complaints is the battery life and speakers. Speakers are decent but do not beat the Sanyo Zio’s. in my opinion you have to download an app on the andoid marketplace called JuiceDefender to make the battery life last about 2 times more. Thanks for watching please rate comment and subscribe if you wish!

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17 Responses so far.

  1. JJ Dovie says:

    i got this phone today it is awesome only problem doesnt have popular apps but thats ok

  2. Rodrigo Arreola says:

    my old zte got dropped in the toilet 2 times and it still works but it turns off wen you squeeze the fone

  3. antonio110299 says:

    Hey guys i know how to get free cricket service on paygo with that phone im uaeing ot to view the video reply to my commet to find out how to get free paygo service

  4. McKinzi C says:

    Yea i hate this phone my mom is adding me on her tmobile plan and im getting a galaxy s3

  5. jramirezjr564 says:

    Can this phone take screenshots?

  6. Hoodiez says:

    Get this phone at metropcs its called zte score m much much better

  7. claudia ayala says:

    I customized mine got jellybean 4.1.2 got way better games on it to

  8. Myrkr Ormr says:

    The phone wasnt bad, however Cricket has got to be one THE worst phone company ever. How this company has stayed in business is a mystery to me. Their customer service is horrible, and their plans are garbage. That MUVE music thing is stupid and NOT optional if you wanna use the phone to its full capability. The phone itself is not that bad, but it is not worth the hassle and trouble and grief caused by its crappy provider.

  9. ir2wicked says:

    You took the words right out of my mouth, I ordered this today!

  10. TheConceptDude says:

    @Raymond Gomez im sure it does

  11. Raymond Gomez says:

    does it support kik

  12. hayliehellokitty says:

    i just ordered this phone today! for 40 $

  13. alexpss13 says:

    I had this phone for 1 year now i got the iphone 4

  14. Malik Harris says:

    This fone is ass

  15. cinnamon815 says:

    i got this phone for… 23 dollars?!!! thaalt was a deal! whenever you get a phone, ALWAYS call and order it because they almost ALWAYS offer you a deal on the phone. The phone was originally what? 80-90? i got it for 23, not used either!

  16. Des Jewel says:

    I have this shity phone but I'm getting the Zte engage

  17. gtmasterman says:

    I have this phone im getting.pantech burst 4g.lte