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ZTE SPro 2 Review!

Posted on March/19/2016 | Categories: Videos 15 Comments

Buy at AT&T: http://fave.co/1QbRbgD | Full review & ratings: http://goo.gl/SYMU7T

The ZTE SPro 2 is a portable projector running Android with WiFi hotspot capabilities and more!

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15 Responses so far.

  1. Lil Taco says:

    !"I also like "miles away

  2. bo3azozus says:

    We need an LED version =D

  3. simplystormie says:

    Can you watch flash videos, use a key board and mouse and connect an Xbox to it?

  4. SeaRay Beltran says:

    Very well explained about the product ZTE SPro 2.Thx

  5. Freddie Cooper says:

    Hello There,# First Rate Wotk. guess yoke What's your opinion about thdt

  6. Bond James Bond says:

    This would be the ABSOLUTE perfect device for streaming KODI/XBMC Media Center. Can't wait to get mines in a week.

  7. mariah havard says:

    is this only for androids?

  8. luca2717 says:

    Can you connect like a dream box hdmi

  9. Daniel Furrer says:

    Really cool that it has a recent Android version and the Play store. Two questions:
    (1) Has anyone tried how well running Netflix on it directly works?
    (2) Can I use this like a Chromecast (i.e. play Netflix from my laptop to the projector)?

  10. Louis Tong says:

    Oh, and can we plug the spro2 to a TV via hdmi and
    1) project the image of the TV
    2) or the opposite, show what's on the "tab" on a TV? (to save bulb life for example)

  11. Lautaro Alonso says:

    you're very patiert. hk, last material # !!

  12. Louis Tong says:

    hey +Android Authority +Lanh Nguyen, is the device locked? can i use the 4g version in hk? or would i be limited to the wifi version? this things looks crazy… i wonder if they will ever release one in asia.

  13. 10secondsrule says:

    Have you ever done a projector review as opposed to android or a phone? Guess not. Ton of pointless information and none of the actual useful info.

  14. 10secondsrule says:

    Its a projector not a tablet get on with the review!