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ZTE Spro 2 Smart Projector Review

Posted on March/18/2016 | Categories: Videos 6 Comments

Fr. Robert Ballecer reviews the ZTE Spro 2 Smart Projector on Before You Buy 180.

For the full episode of Before You Buy, visit http://twit.tv/byb180

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6 Responses so far.

  1. Jorge Gomez Romero says:

    I Think that projector can be better if it safe the battery without this too big screen!!! for that you have the phone! if you put all the functions Controller by App, i buy it!, bud i really thing that big screen is not necessary!.

  2. Darth Mojo says:

    Holy god a super fat priest talking the latest tech. I just can't get over how fat he is. I suppose he can use himself as a projection screen? He's certainly not a hot spot lol. My mind is officially blown.

  3. Lenon Mendes says:

    A priest talking about a projector??? ohh God

  4. cakone micke says:

    wth???? this device is awsome. Who the fck is this guy and why i am watching this

  5. vieldcs says:

    Yes, I hate to put a lot of power bricks in my travel bag.

  6. b00m13 says:

    Hi sir, I wanted to ask if there's an accessory that can plug a USB cord into the power input opening, I just want to know if I can be projecting or mirroring off of a laptop while being powered by the laptop too (in case I want to watch a few movies and not just 1).