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While many were wowed at CES 2015 for products like the G Flex 2 from LG, my biggest surprise came from my visit to ZTE, and now we get to take it out for a spin as we unbox the ZTE SPro 2. If you’re asking yourself why you would want to buy a digital projector powered by Android, I’m about to spend a week showing you why in our final review coming very soon.

For now, let’s talk about the box, which coming from AT&T is sadly not saying much. AT&T is already infamous for making any unboxing experience dull, or stripping away accessories to a maximum, but unboxing the ZTE SPro 2 was not that bad.

More to come very soon in our full review.


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15 Responses so far.

  1. Charles Balcarse says:

    how much

  2. cihani boule says:

    the silver one is non 4G, so no sim.

  3. Tilton Isabella says:

    thanks for the review, it's very portable. found it on ebay : http://www.ebay.com/itm/400975769323 and would love to order one.

  4. Jess Chen says:

    I created a G+ community for SPro. Please join if you are interested in this product too!

  5. Lei Wang says:

    Can I use this projector without an ATT SIM card installed in it? 

  6. Zaki Rihardy says:

    Great innovation ZTE

  7. Sumit Vable says:

    If Jaime is reviewing the products now i want Fisher to do a pocketnow daily video.

  8. alvarortega2 says:

    Only if it had a normal micro USB charger…

  9. Alex “TheTechDoc” Mods says:

    These arent anything new, cool to see a legit company make them but android projectors have been on deal extreme for a few hundred bucks for a long while.

    Looks like a cool product though….but i could easily just plug my android tv box into my projector in my theater room

  10. mase mingucha says:

    Jaime Rivera unboxing review? ??…. #NiceJob 👍

  11. BrainSeepsOut says:

    "Unboxing experience"… It's a FUCKING BOX. You take the gizmo out and throw it away. ughhhh.
    A digital projector with a sim card slot… I think Android devices makers need to get a fucking clue and put video output in their products.

  12. BurtonVDP says:

    Can you test it out with things like power point and google slides, etc? Im not sure if that was in the plan for testing but I would really like to see if this can be handed out to business users/salespeople. Most of the salespeople I work with are still in the USB thumb drive era and I would love to see if they could plug a drive in and go…. Im always looking for easy inexpensive ways to get the workforce more mobile while keeping the tech requirements down to a minimum.

  13. rai ZOR says:

    "pocket" now huh?

  14. SPTV says:

    Nice Starbucks placement ?

  15. Marcos Vargas says:

    in a small group-discusion presentation and tiny classroom, may be ideal… en otro orden de ideas, Jaime ¿cómo puedes tragar un cafe tan malo como el de starbucks? ni que sea gratuito