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ZTE Star 2 review

Posted on March/20/2016 | Categories: Videos 13 Comments

Buy on Ebay: http://fave.co/1NVMWHc | Full review & ratings: http://goo.gl/K5Hz0T

ZTE Star 2 is a beautiful device in a compact form factor with very advanced voice controls.

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13 Responses so far.

  1. Fabi G. (HabKeinenNickname) says:

    Doctor Who <3

  2. THE NUNA says:

    so im going to buy the zte star 1 s2002 someone has ita dn can give any tips?

  3. Saeed Falowo says:

    can you leave a link on where to get this phone please? cant seems to find it anywhere

  4. Carter Gilbert says:


  5. Jacob Kuba says:

    Looks like Sony Xperia

  6. Samuel Maldan says:

    Why photos and The video are from Romania? Hh 

  7. KeyLimePieShot says:

    Tbh better then HTC xP 

  8. Francis Ilunga says:

    Call from Obama …lol

  9. Hamzah Syahputra says:

    WOW it's like Xperia Z!
    Very Lookalike!

  10. Mizgala28 says:

    Very nice phone but really, it's 2015 and I still see the Option button on the right!

  11. JustLivingLife says:

    When will the British dialect of English stop saying zed instead of z? sigh

  12. Stabzy -V (FKIN DEAD) says:

    I would totally get this if the speakers were in a better position. Why don't more phones have front facing speakers?

  13. Muse dexter says:

    i think the only major defect is the speaker 😒