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Just a quick hands on of ZTE T22 Hands On also known as Testra Urbane.

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16 Responses so far.

  1. Nerida Paige says:

    hi, i have this phone and it froze so i took the battery out and waited for a bit and when i turned it back on it just comes up with the android logo and stays like that what can i do?

  2. Melchan Gabs says:

    hey man good day can i have the firmware of ZTE T22 im losing out mine it stocks in andriod logo i did the factory research but nothing happens i really need it man please help!!!

  3. Duko says:

    Such a bad phone! I have it and it's so slow and can't run multiple apps at once. Also, you NEED an SD card coz it only has 4 GB of memory.

  4. Evasion Gamez says:

    Does anybody know how to screenshot on this phone would help out a lot

  5. NedKelly says:

    I got a Telstra Urbane mobile phone for Christmas and I have not got any signal why?

  6. Connor Westbury says:

    I'm going to high school next year will this be a good phone for me?

  7. Nathan Sergent says:

    Screenshot = Power + Volume down for three seconds

  8. Catherine says:

    I got 75 dollars as well but how do you screenshot??!!!!"!

  9. Harry Carrington says:

    Is anyone aware of a custom rom that WILL work with the t22? Thanks

  10. Adam Bagnall says:

    Not the best phone, mine keeps freezing on me and camera is not the best. But for $149 what can you expect? It does all the usual smartphone stuff, but I wouldn't recommend it

  11. Aziz Ghafees says:

    i got mine for free from JB hi fi when i bought gs4 lol

  12. theshadie9100 says:

    How do you screen shot

  13. Xavier Sam says:

    i got mine for $75 at jbhifi

  14. bucket headgames says:


  15. bucket headgames says:

    i got mine for $74.50 from JB-HIFI

  16. Jdizzle toMaNizzle says:

    How do you open the back of the phone to insert the battery pack and sim card? plz HELP ME HELP ME HELP ME HELP ME HELP ME HELP ME HELP ME HELP ME