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ZTE Tania Preview

Posted on October/23/2018 | Categories: Videos 13 Comments

Budget Windows Phone – full info at http://www.slashgear.com/zte-tania-preview-18209727/

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13 Responses so far.

  1. Croatian Girl says:

    i have this phone and its really bad

  2. alyn9461 says:

    ZTE Tania has 512 mb Ram and Qualcomm msm8255 1ghz

  3. bennyb cube says:


  4. Pan Dement says:

    Windows ruins this phone

  5. Diogo Veloso says:

    Please someone help me, This phone doesn't have Java, is it really relevant???

  6. poisonivy0666 says:

    This and the lumia 610 are the only ones running 256 ram. Lumia 610 is better.

  7. videoking962 says:

    abslty not

  8. SiickReVoluTionZz says:

    no, there is currently only one windows phone with expandable memory

  9. ToothSIayer says:

    It's a very nice looking phone

  10. Kookanoodles says:

    It's sold at 250€

  11. Sparco1968 says:

    ciekawe czy tak tania…

  12. James LeBlanc says:

    What's so ''budget'' about it?

  13. Hirah Adam Essack says:

    "later in the year" hey dude this comes out next month in the UK, so I expect a review soonish okay 😛