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10 Responses so far.

  1. zurbran says:

    can u tell me how long did the battery takes to drain out?

  2. xpawnson says:

    is a tegra 3 phone, use an nvidia geforce gpu

  3. xpawnson says:

    is tegra 3 phone…. nvdia gforce gpu

  4. 011Edin says:

    I want to buy it! when will it be available? PLEASE let me know send? me a message,thanks!

  5. JohnLee1523 says:

    This is better than Xiaomi m2 M2 is fuxk HIGH PRICE NOW

  6. Emir rimE says:

    I need it how much?

  7. Laythem Brown says:

    Your company MTK6588 phone set out?

  8. Amir Dzindo says:

    wow.. it would be another best quad core phone

  9. BaysNerdness says:

    Great reviews !

  10. HDTyGa says:

    This is better than Xiaomi m2 M2 is fuxk HIGH PRICE NOW