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ZTE V7 4 inch MID with GPS Running Meamo

Posted on January/13/2011 | Categories: Videos 9 Comments

www.netbooknews.com Sascha goes hands on ZTE V7 4 inch MID running Meamo. Under the hood you’ll find the Marvell 300-series platform if you aren’t familiar with this CPU then its an ARMv5 which is in the same league as the Nokia N810 if you’re looking at processing power. For functionality you’ll have 3G and GPS which will certainly save the battery on your phone for important things like phone calls. If you want to pick one up, good luck, as of now, we have no word on pricing or market availability. But since it is running Marvell, a CPU that is knows to be a tad on the pricey side, I wouldn’t predict this MID will be cheap.

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9 Responses so far.

  1. vastenmielinen says:

    hmm that looks kinda nice. but as the n8x0’s probly will lack in apps. (not enough users) wich is usually a shame ,even tho the devices r good.

  2. mmthebeast says:

    when will this come out

  3. minipcpro says:

    @joelashin i told them not to trust me, cause i really liked this MID 😉

  4. joelashin says:

    @minipcpro lol im surprised they didint tie it down to the table 😛

  5. Mohamedhp says:

    That’s the size I wanna have for my main PC in the future..well the near one XD

  6. shaolindreams says:


  7. lakicar1989 says:

    @minipcpro hhahahahah 😀

  8. minipcpro says:

    @lakicar1989 i am not sure if i can do that 😉 they were watching me the whole time cause they thought, i would just grab it and run :p

  9. lakicar1989 says:

    Sascha buy me one please! 😀