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Zte V9 Android Tab / Optus MyTab Review

Posted on December/21/2010 | Categories: Videos 9 Comments

7″ Android Tab

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9 Responses so far.

  1. korn74 says:

    @allbu849 Its well below the iPad really, its just a cheap tablet, but for the price you cant go wrong really.

  2. allbu849 says:

    compared to ipad, where does it stand? (let aloe the screen size and Apps that apple outstands)

  3. bigbadbeast2007 says:

    slow as shit

  4. bigbadbeast2007 says:

    @sonny899 any thing chiense sucks!

  5. bigbadbeast2007 says:

    @sonny899 any thing chiese sucks!

  6. korn74 says:

    @x0deano0x Hi no not to your ear you can speak thru the mic on the tab and here people on the inbuilt speaker on the tab, and headphones only, so you cant use it as a normal phone as in holding it up to your ear.

  7. x0deano0x says:

    @korn74 so you can use it like a normal fone hold it up to your ear so no one else can hear your conversation? i’ve read reviews where that was the case. just really keen to get one . they’re $249 atm from dicksmith ..

  8. korn74 says:

    @x0deano0x Hey, you can use it handsfree too, but the speaker isnt that great.

  9. x0deano0x says:

    mate apparently you need to use a headset to make fone calls ?