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ZTE V987 vs. Samsung Galaxy S3

Posted on March/30/2017 | Categories: Videos 17 Comments

ZTE Grand X Quad V987 vs. Samsung I9300 Galaxy S III

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17 Responses so far.

  1. Serena Kidman says:


  2. augustin jimmy says:

    What is she talking about?

  3. FluXeeR says:

    Ccicio sisio co ???? 

  4. Łukasz Boguszyński says:

    Emil B >>> Zniszczyłeś system.

  5. KOKOLOKO Farezeusz says:

    Ja Pierdole

  6. Freshtex Blackman says:

    you ain't found weird yet…lol

  7. Horace Felix says:

    No fucking Chiness ! But FUCKING ENGLISH !!!! FUCK YOU! I LOVE CHINESS ! But i'm French. So if you want understand, learn Chiness ! It's you only solution !

  8. Stefano Weston says:

    Study Chinese and then you will understand …

  9. Stefano Weston says:

    Dont swear Chinese you fucking ugly bitch ! i'd like to come over there and squish your little fucking head you bastard cock eyed fuck you fuck you motherfucking crack ass full with poop dumb ass pussy peace of inbread ugly shit fucking insegnificent smelly cockroach fuck off you stupid dull with mouth full with piss and dicks

  10. Michael Best says:

    You know English speaking people can be so dumb at times. It's like every video that's made MUST be in English. Grow up! Clearly this video wasn't meant for you. If you have a problem…learn their language and shut up!

  11. Bryson O. says:

    Damnit, I found the weird part of youtube again….

  12. TaurusPL11 says:

    A czing czong ping pong

  13. dedy zamrudy says:

    bahasanah tak ngarteh cah

  14. matt klinger says:


  15. Alexandre Pita says:

    it's the real one.
    They always say when it's a clone.

  16. pe1eterek says:

    It's real Galaxy S3 ? Or like in China – the clone of it.

  17. TheMrWoodyguy says:

    ни слова не понимаю, но голос у девушки приятный =)