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ZTE Valet now available on Straight Talk Android™ 4.1 3.5″ Touch Screen 3 MP Camera/Video Recorder Bluetooth® Wireless Technology 1.0 GHz Processor 4GB micro…

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5 Responses so far.

  1. arcanum70 says:

    Wow, that was just painful. I hope that this guy doesn’t quit his day job
    in hopes of being a Youtube star.

  2. Keeperpete60 says:

    yo…G….gravity sensor is so that the camera can be turned from portrait
    to landscape………hey….I can read too…..due some research on the
    topic before you comment………AND the phone is called a Valet…..like
    Valet Parking.

  3. nebpunk666 says:

    I own this phone and this guy knows nothing about it.

  4. Seth_Nile says:

    Can you switch the camera to face you instead of having to turn it around
    and hope you get the right image?

  5. RealLAGgamers says:

    Also you may need too redownload the app because go launcher runs extremely
    smooth on my lg optimus elite and made my lg optimus v 10 times better than
    it was before also you can easily move apps too your sd card with app
    manager 3 aka app 2 sd but not the one that says app 2 sd they have app
    copys make sure you have the right one