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ZTE Valet Review

Posted on September/12/2018 | Categories: Videos 10 Comments

Short review of ZTE Valet (model Z665C, hardware version Z665CHWV1.0), Android 4.1.1 smart phone under Tracfone plan.

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10 Responses so far.

  1. TheOritek says:

    I'm surprised that Tracfone still sells this model for $30.The phone has a major bug: it locks up the screen when you're on a phone call.If you get a voice mail or busy signal then you are at the mercy of the phone. The screen sometimes comes back and shows the buttons and then you better be fast to hit the END before it disappears again… I pulled the battery out to reset the phone many times because of this issue.Don't buy it!

  2. ShamPayne Hossayne says:

    can you compare both this phone and the huawei glory, together in a same video?

  3. Altavista Church of Christ says:

    How to you update software?

  4. Melissa Neuman says:

    What is the widget for track is your minutes?

  5. TheWalkthroughKiller says:

    Just to let anyone know, if you are thinking about purchasing this, DON'T. It is very slow, laggy and unresponsive. It has a horrible camera, and drops Wi-Fi all the time. If you want a phone, save your money and buy the LG Ultimate 2. You can get one on Ebay for $149 that comes with a 400 minute card (Triples and becomes 1200), and is a MUCH, MUCH better phone.

  6. Lar Bro says:

    It's a PHONE, sure would like to see the phone screen where I would dial a phone number.

  7. Rainbowmix123 says:

    I currently have the lg840 g tracfone, but my headphone jack is stuck in there and I tried getting it out with superglue and etc, but tht made it worse….
    So now after like a month, I was thinking to buy another lg840g, but I came across your video.

    So I wanted to ask should I upgrade to this Zte valet ?
    Can you maybe make a video comparing the lg840 g and the Zte valet ?
    Also this does work with the "safelink tracfone" service ?
    Thank you I would appreciate your answer.

  8. Sak K says:

    Can you get things like snapchat and Instagram

  9. Living Dead Paradox says:

    You say video recorder is not that good. Well, it's probably way better than my 3-4 year old trackfone that is a samsung keyboard phone. This ZTE would probably be good for short clips. I have a decent digital camera, anyhow.

    Going to buy this phone probably, as my phone cannot use any apps, has terrible internet, and is old…

  10. fbflys says:

    In the video you mention that you used to have a LG840, I am in the process of making the switch as well, I just have a question: can I just take the chip off the 840 and install it on the Valet? will everything be transfered to the new phone?