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ZTE Warp Elite full review (Boost Mobile) HD

Posted on March/29/2016 | Categories: Videos 12 Comments

Full review of the new ZTE Warp Elite by boost mobile in full HD. we will review the phone overall, storage, camera, display, battery life and much more. Subscribe for more videos and give me a thumbs up.
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Please watch: “Samsung Galaxy J3 Full Review (Boost Mobile) HD”
→ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=juFKRKTXEH4

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12 Responses so far.

  1. Jabbar Davis says:

    a went from a zte warp sync to a zte elite and I can't tell the difference between the camera but otherwise elite is a better phone

  2. Jakob McDonough says:

    iOS is an apple device

  3. Jakob McDonough says:

    It's 5.1 lollipop os not iOS

  4. Richard LaPier says:

    Try Battlefield on devices and see how they do

  5. 415Underdog says:

    garbage, my elite started acting funky by rocking the volume up and down on it's own

  6. darlene paul says:

    This display is not grainey. Its clear & beautiful. Its the stupid wallpaper that it comes with that makes it look grainey. Go into the app store & download the lg g3 wallpaper app & use one of those. You will see how gorgeous this screen is

  7. D'Andre Lewis says:

    Bro your so laid back funny and cool I need to come to your store and buy my phones from there. thanks for the review I like how you went into detail with the cam lots of people don't even show the camera they just talk about it. I'm getting this phone.

  8. Jaylen Craig says:

    ios 5.1? Lol 😃😃

  9. Bernard Thomas says:

    I love this phone is fast with no lag,,but one problem is when someone send you a video message the video be so blurry that u can't see the video hopefully zte will fix it with a update,other than that I love this phone ,,,with 2gb of ram and a quad core processor with stock android this thing flys,,I still think this should had been zte z max 2..

  10. Kamea Grant says:

    I had the warp 4g for three years, I absolutely loved it. when I got it all I was really looking for was a good size smartphone with a good camera, which it was. the past few months, I've had issues with system updates and storage and running out of data within a couple days when I wouldn't even use it. finally decided to get a new phone. I ultimately wanted the warp elite but no stores sell it anymore(at least within 50 miles from me) so I settled with the stylo. great phone, however the camera is rather dark and almost gloomy looking. is this normal or common? is there a way to fix this?

  11. Greg Belton says:

    "ios 5.1" seems legit

  12. Adriana Alvarez says:

    so what phone you recommend.. I have the stylo, I love the camera I just hate that no memory.. I can't get the Samsung s6 yet so for the mean time what phone you think would be good, have you heard about the galaxy j3..?