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ZTE Warp Elite N9518 Review (Boost Mobile)

Posted on March/24/2016 | Categories: Videos 15 Comments

ZTE Warp Elite N9518 Full Review (Boost Mobile)

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15 Responses so far.

  1. Erwin Seward says:

    how do I stop continuous notification ringing

  2. Ben Sun says:

    for those on the fence one game: ffix it's download requirements are 1.7gb and the game file size is 3.7. it runs without pauses and on a volt2 or stylo the user space will not fit

  3. noni abdul-haqq says:


  4. noni abdul-haqq says:

    can you watch Netflix on this phone ?

  5. 237887544 567775535236789087 says:

    I went with the volt 2 instead but its ROM six ass but it was 50 bucks cheaper than that

  6. Gary Goss says:

    Thank you. Excellent review! Do the side edges of the phone give a good grip or are they slippery?

  7. Danny Davidson says:

    Great review! I'm highly considering this.

  8. Coty Gueye says:

    Does this phone have a notification light when you get a message ?and is this phone better than the lg volt 2?

  9. Cisco G says:

    $149.99 at amazon and I have to admit I got the LG G Stylo returned it ith no problem from them even after the return date was passed and got this. Everyone I seen reviewing this hone sold m in a heartbeat! Get a good cover and a ZTE Warp Elite N9518 – Glass Screen Protector, The3Knights[TM] [Tempered Glass] +The3Knights[TM] Classic Stylus just a suggestion thankyou for this fine revew. I got it today and just wanted to ask if it has WPC standard Wireless Charging receivers built in. That would be the balls. I am a survivorlist and basically I try not to buy nothing requiring batteries if I do becaus I'm a photographer I buy rechargeable batteries. Now I'm getting a solar powered battery recharter. Already have the solar powered phone, tablet, and laptop charger. Thanks again CV tech
    . I used my finger nail for the sd card so no problem

  10. Cisco G says:

    Does the ZTE Warp Elite have a WPC standard Wireless Charging receivers built right into the phone

  11. Danny Boy says:

    I got another question sorry.. But how much do u pay monthly for the phone?… And how much storage does it have?

  12. Kayla Ware says:

    I have the exact same phone and the sound with headphones a poor

  13. DontLeaveMeLucile says:

    when the heck did you see those prices? port over is 150 and upgrade is 180 right now as far as I've been told in-store.

  14. Bernard Thomas says:

    Hey I was curious,how did you get android 5.1.1 lollipop because minds have 5.1 lollipop..

  15. Dwayne Suggs says:

    I got this phone thru boost Mobile on sale for 80 dollars! I fuck with this phone!