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ZTE Warp Elite Unboxing / Review

Posted on March/20/2016 | Categories: Videos 14 Comments

Get it on Amazon: http://goo.gl/hfn55w

Boost Mobile’s new Android phone, the ZTE Warp Elite is awesome! Here’s a quick unboxing / hands on / review.

In this review I compare the new Boost Mobile ZTE Warp Elite with Virgin Mobile’s LG Volt and review the size difference, quality, and speed of the phone.

I highly recommend this phone!

Here are the specs (from boostmobile.com:
Android™ 5.1 (Lollipop)
Fast, customizable, smooth. Enjoy the speed and simplicity of the powerful Android operating system.

5.5″ Touchscreen Display with Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3
Everything’s better on the big screen – and this durable HD screen delivers. Experience the Web, apps and pictures like never before.

13MP Rear-Facing Camera with 5MP Front-Facing Camera
Capture crystal-clear photos and videos with the 13MP rear-facing camera. The 5MP front-facing camera is perfect for selfies.
3G/4G LTE/Enhanced LTE

Switch seamlessly between Sprint’s nationwide 3G and 4G LTE networks and the all-new Enhanced LTE network, where available. Check coverage.

16GB ROM/2GB RAM Memory
Lots of onboard memory means you can load all those essential apps.

64GB microSDHC™ Card Compatible
Slip in an optional microSD card to add up to 64GB of extra storage.

3000 mAh Polymer Battery
Get up to 20 hours of talk time from this long-lasting lithium polymer battery.

1.2GHz Quad-Core Processor
The fast processor allows for jaw-dropping graphics and lightning-quick switching between apps.

Mobile Hotspot Capable
Turn your phone into a Wi-Fi® hotspot for as low as /mo.

Full Features:
3-way calling 3.5mm headset jack Access to Boost Zone Calendar Call waiting Caller ID FM Radio (Next Radio) Multi language settings Music player Nationwide Sprint® 3G Network and Nationwide Sprint® 4G LTE Network Picture and video sharing Portrait to Landscape auto-rotate Speakerphone Stereo Bluetooth® TTY mode Vibrate mode Voicemail Wi-Fi® enabled

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14 Responses so far.

  1. Tj Green says:

    better then some other peoples stuff on here.its nice its a real review from a real person…

  2. GreeX says:

    Oliver, How is the phone since you got it like a year ago? also might get this cellphone?

  3. iHatePancakesz PVP says:

    I just got the phone and it freezes when I get phone calls like I literally can't answer or deny it I just have to watch it ring then call them back 

  4. Taya Henderson says:

    i'm switching from the volt too

  5. Richard LaPier says:

    can't here you try getting a mic

  6. Erlis Velasquez says:

    Good phone, too bad it can't be rooted😬

  7. Mark Cox says:

    $99 now online at best buy!

  8. gilberto villa says:

    I have a question, why with boost mobile phone I can't use the Web while I'm talking with someone ? i had metro Verizon T-Mobile and never had that problem, why only with boost??

  9. Michael Starr says:

    Has this phone crashed on you

  10. Rudy Hernandez says:

    & on tat note …. Gt wat you lk so long as you WORK for it.😱

  11. Rudy Hernandez says:

    Dnt hate on a provider, just gt to have TRUST!!! In a person or cut ties. But if the cell dnt act rite & if it's been dropped in muddy. Then yeah time for a NEW PHONE…….🍺😁


  12. Cisco G says:

    I have the Lg G Stylo it started to slow down after two months lucky for me two days after the warranty (Or return policies) at Amazon was up they still helped me out (Those guys at customer service are phenomenal or it could just be that I'm a huge Amazon customer maybe that's why) but at any rate I think you sold me over the LG G Flex 2 dude (Over $140 less I could buy screen protector and nice case for) even if this is your first video review. Anyhow I'm taking a chance buying this. As we say in Spanish "Muchas Gracias! I'm not Mexican but you can treat yourself to a Taco now. Ha… lol Seriously thanks made my search easier. Peace bro!

  13. Gabby Taylor says:

    My phone froze and there's no way to open it

  14. Bernard Thomas says:

    this is a nice phone but check out the zte axon pro it's better then any flagship Samsung ,HTC or Lg came out with and u can get it for under $300 ..it has a octa core processor snapdragon Dragon 810 with 4gb of ram ,64gb rom .and that's not the half..zte axon pro is the flagship killer for real…