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7 Responses so far.

  1. LOR FLEX says:

    does the warp elite screen goes black

  2. ‫ابو غرق‬‎ says:

    root Zte Warp Elite

  3. Joshua Jenrette says:

    that's why I pay for the quality not the brand

  4. CV TECH says:

    From what I seen bro, the Elite seems to be a bit better, audio sounds a bit clearer as well

  5. mario ayala reyes says:

    i am thinking of buying a use lg g2 from sprint and active on boost or buy a zte warp elite i am afraid of buying the g2. and boost not activating the phone

  6. Darlene Paul says:

    Rob I wasn't sure through much of the video which phone a particular clip belonged to.

  7. Magic Tech Review says:

    cool dude I like these compares