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I just got the new Boost Mobile ZTE Warp Sequent so here’s a video test.. I will do a review on this phone later on today… It’s a lot better than the original ZTE Warp… Shout out to the guys over at the Android Forums (ZTE Warp section) I’ll do a few more video tests, hope you don’t mind….

It isn’t no iphone but compared to the HTC Design EVO 4G, it’s pretty good, maybe the same, maybe better…

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10 Responses so far.

  1. Paula Alarcon says:

    i have the same phone. do you happen to know why the audio isn't there when i upload a video??

  2. Darkplumz says:

    horrible phone u poor ass cunts. My Galazy s 3 shits all over this.

  3. dan carpenter says:

    i don't like how the sound is low in this vid and your other video

  4. MeatAndPotatoes2000 says:

    Thanks for the vid.

    Looking forward to a review soon, I've been thinking about buying one!

  5. MrSailor013 says:

    Do A Reviewwww Of Da Phonnnneeee!!

  6. Master0fHyrule says:

    This is a phone… I wanted to make a few videos about it before others do one.. . Reviews will follow.

  7. brian guzman says:

    seems a bit blurry, maybe its the sun?

  8. Ant Woods says:

    Man is this the phone or another camera

  9. javibarr says:

    Its pending…waiting for wifi to upload…I think. Does the flash work this time around?…you know for like video recording and for the app flash light?

  10. Master0fHyrule says:

    Right now to me it seems like front camera is HD. .. but I can't tell until I upload and I'm having problems uploading from this phone. .. I keep getting the word pending.