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ZTE Warp Sequent Review :D! (due over)

Posted on May/15/2018 | Categories: Videos 3 Comments

Sorry guys that I took so long to make this new video 🙁
Here goes the due over c:
I’ll be doing a review in the camera (front and back)
If any questions please leave a comment and i’ll try to respond the best I can 🙂

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3 Responses so far.

  1. AmbyLatte says:

    You have really nice hair.. Lol

  2. CPTHS100066 says:

    It doesn't freeze at all we'll it hasn't to me it'll lag a lil
    It does reboot itself sometimes its not frequently but not not a lot well I have had it since November 2 2012 and its just starting to all I do is turn it off for at least 3-5 minutes and then it runs perfectly 🙂

  3. CPTHS100066 says:

    Well to my opinion i belive it is especially the cameras they both have 5mp rear camera but lg has a vga front facing camera while the zte has a 1.3 mp fron facing camera