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ZTE Z max Pro (metro ) VS ZTE X Max 2 ( cricket )

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8 Responses so far.

  1. Amber Alcantara says:

    Lol!!!!!! I'm on my zmax pro and I'm sorry cricket yours is a no go.

  2. DJohn NineOneSix says:

    The ZTE Blade X Max 2 is octacore

  3. Rich Thomas says:

    zte Max pro is the best. Cricket sucks

  4. April Privott says:

    you can also virtual reality with the ZTE ZMAX Pro. you can download VR apps from the Google play store and use a VR headset. I brought my headset from Amazon.

  5. Sara Long says:

    i have a ate zmax pro too

  6. Cameron Oneil says:

    there both octa core not quad core

  7. Jalissa Rollins says:

    my ZTE zmax pro won't do the update and doesn't have video calling.

  8. poeticlaura says:

    I'm using the Zte grand max 2 on cricket. it's an octocore, not quadcore. This is a very fast and awesome phone! It seems like you might need to research the details and update your information contained in the video. I haven't used the other phone or service, but I can imagine them to perhaps be very similar. I do love my phone though!