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ZTE ZMAX 2 Review

Posted on April/27/2016 | Categories: Videos 13 Comments

Big phones require big reviews. Here’s my review of ZTE’s ZMAX 2 after three months using it daily. Find out where ZTE shined and where they failed.
English closed captions.
Subtítulos en español.


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13 Responses so far.

  1. Sadgrad says:

    Fantastic review. I'm looking to buy this phone and you answered so many of the questions I had. Thank you.

  2. Gustavo Garcia says:

    Muy buen vídeo Roberto, tienes un subscriptor nuevo:D ,me gustan mucho tus reviews, sigue así, saludos desde Venezuela

  3. Randall Parker says:

    Fantastic review, I just recently bought the phone myself because of the low price and have been absolutely amazed at the amount of phone you get at this price point.

  4. Bryan Mills says:

    so this phone isn't the best talking to others through headphones huh

  5. Tobin Frost says:

    Good review

  6. Kaladia K says:

    I'm looking around for my next phone at a non rushed pace and saw this and your review of the Blu phone, the battery and camera on this one have brought it up to the top of the contenders. I would like if at the end of your reviews for you to tell us if you will stay with the reviewed phone or move onto what(?) phone. i.e. previous one or new review ect…. Any others lined up for review?

  7. nexus14 says:

    Nice review. What languages can you change on the phone? Can you change to Chinese language?

  8. Estefisosa84 says:

    aqui en uruguay no venden celulares zte :(

  9. Humberto Limon says:

    Haha I also self brand my devices all of my devices have my photo as wallpaper lol

  10. Gee Bee says:

    Review is tight player.. big up yourself ….

  11. Matt BrownieCake says:

    Very good review, I love your sense of humour coming through in these videos. Pacing was very good too

  12. Joseph Dickson says:

    bloatware and poorly organized software UI issues are inexcusable in 2016 no matter how economical the price.

  13. BubbaFilms says:

    I'm pretty new here but already I'm really enjoying your videos! I found your channel through a duolingo review and now I'm hooked! Keep up the good work an I'll keep watching!