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Posted on October/29/2016 | Categories: Videos 17 Comments

Sorry battery got low so video cut off but any more questions leave a comment and I’ll reply instantly

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17 Responses so far.

  1. queen tishia says:

    What does the emojis look like on the phone ?

  2. The end C30 says:

    I saw it at best buy on sale for 69.00 bucks is it worth it?

  3. Carlos Chávez (Calin) says:

    it has FM radio.??.

  4. Paul James says:

    There is not any root for this phone that I know of

  5. Andy Logan says:

    can this be unlocked to Verizon

  6. Jesse Gilmore says:

    waiting on the rooting video for this phone. please!!!!! I'm new to rooting please make a step by step detailed video

  7. Bruh says:

    It's $80 now on Walmart. I'm so tempted to get this since I got a Nokia Lumia 635 lol

  8. Jorge Cortes says:

    are you doing a tutorial on how to root it? please do! Cool review!,

  9. D-Ray Da Trap Consuma (D-Ray TrapConsuma) says:

    if any one have a video request reply back

  10. FeelingZesty says:

    How did you pass high school level English?

  11. aquiles037 says:

    How did you get root?

  12. aquiles037 says:

    Is your phone rooted?

  13. D-Ray Da Trap Consuma (D-Ray TrapConsuma) says:

    also the battery life is very good.it will stay charged all day and idropped and really hard and it didnt crack a bit so thats a plus

  14. Ahappyguy1955 says:

    Too ghetto for me.

  15. Briana Laird says:

    Ok so how does this compare to iphones or Galaxy? Any problems with battery life? Over heating? Phone calls ?

  16. webBikeWorld says:

    How is the display in bright light, like outside when it's sunny? Thanks.

  17. D-Ray Da Trap Consuma (D-Ray TrapConsuma) says:

    no problem. sorry for the review this was my first