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ZTE ZMax 2 Unboxing FoodStamp Phone

Posted on March/28/2016 | Categories: Videos 19 Comments

Yup at your request I unbox the ZTE ZMax 2 from AT&T. It’s another foodstamp phone unboxing so let’s get into it.
Let me know what you think in the comments below

Please watch: “BlackBerry Priv NO BS REVIEW”
➨ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s2ptZgM7mxM

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19 Responses so far.

  1. bsdraven says:

    Scissors bro scissors. Lol.

  2. PkPrince Q says:

    Wow bent over by att… Lol

  3. SloMo Plus says:

    This guy has problems.

  4. Jakob McDonough says:

    Do you have anger problems bro

  5. Gravitydash21 says:

    James P. Sullivan.

  6. Gravitydash21 says:

    Alice in wonderland type shit

  7. Gravitydash21 says:

    randall from at and t

  8. Imani M. says:

    Lmao ur funny

  9. Random Tj Casper says:

    Ya know ya didn't need to swear at all in this video just calm down and control ur anger and the swearing

  10. Good Luck Cake says:

    if I fucking new that there was an aluminum version I would've got it but I'm stuck with this leather shit

  11. Megabless says:

    watch your language

  12. N Erole says:

    This unit is now $79.99 at Best Buy.

  13. Jeffrey Baughman says:

    "AKA dickriders" Hahahahahahhaha DEAD

  14. Ronie Bryant says:

    Shoot, lol I just want it for its size and features lolol

  15. Lucas Ritzman says:

    Could you please not swear as much?

  16. Steve Quintana says:

    I dig watching your channel. you tell it the way it is. No fucking around. I like that

  17. Theodora Daiy says:

    idk but i was cracking up everytime he qas cyssin

  18. william gibson says:

    hey I don't mean to sound bad but a fucking foodstamp phone is free dumbass its called obamaphone

  19. Leroy Ceaser says:

    No unlock needed for straight talk.