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ZTE ZMax 2 Unboxing FoodStamp Phone

Posted on September/22/2016 | Categories: Videos 18 Comments

In this video I do another food stamp phone review of the ZTE ZMAX 2 from att go phone. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Yup at your request I unbox the ZTE ZMax 2 from AT&T. It’s another foodstamp phone unboxing so let’s get into it. Let me know what you think in the comments .

I just bought a new ZTE ZMAX 2 from bestbuy on oct 31,2015. The phone is through att GO PHONE and I have CRICKET. Will the att go phone ZTE ZMAX 2 work .

ZTE Zmax 2 Launched With 5.5-Inch HD Display, 4G LTE Support ZTE has a new smartphone in town. The company, which is now the fourth-largest smartphone .

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18 Responses so far.

  1. CrowFoxChannel says:

    Oh this is so first world. Foodstamp phone? There are people without food! Regardless, your ignorance has ceased to improve. This is the phone I have because I saved up for it on my own being 15 I cannot obtain a job yet.

  2. renaissance development llc. says:

    which fits you we'll since statistics show their are more White's on welfare than blacks….! SURPRISED, DONT TAKE MY WORD GOOGLE IT UP, PLEASE DO!. FUNNY HOW A WHITE MAN, HAS A FOOD STAMP PHONE AND HES PROUD TO DISPLAY IT ON YOU TUBE!#YOUTUBETRAILERTRASH

  3. magmik63 says:

    calling this a food stamp phone is soooo wrong, your a dickwad

  4. Mark Hamilton says:

    Racist food stamp comment, he must hate black people.

  5. Ricky Hartman says:

    Food Stamp phone? Seriously? That has to be the most first world problem title for something I've ever heard.

  6. Jeff James says:

    LMFAO @ Street pharmacy dude cracks me up

  7. Matthew Noland says:

    I can't complain either. I have this and it's decent all around really. I'll use it till it blows up or something better comes along…I need a root to work though then I'll be happy.

  8. Migdalia Laboy says:

    Does it have WIFI? Thanks

  9. MrPicaso72 says:

    Bought 2 at Best Buy today for $79 each. Replaced 2 Shitty ass Asus Zenfone 2E phones that I bought Saturday that were just flat out garbage. Great phone for the price. Responsive, good screen quality, although not full HD. Still looks good though. Good looking phone as far as design goes, at least to me. Camera while not the greatest, will work for basic photos and videos. Front facing camera is a little grainy for me but I barely use it anyway. Overall, I can't bitch for $79. Give it a shot.

  10. Stuart Baucum says:

    seems like a good budget "phablet" phone lol. I have zte maven for now but plan on upgrading to the zmax 2 soon

  11. mboiko says:

    This phone is $99 at Best buy now…….

  12. Total Tech says:

    Thanks for stealing the video, It just cost you your channel

  13. _Manuel. 7 says:

    will this work with t mobile

  14. semi22lr says:

    Will it work on Cricket wireless? Thank you.

  15. Yolanda Wilder says:

    i just brought this phone and it works fine

  16. Yolanda Wilder says:

    i just brought this phone and it works fine

  17. Robert Clark says:

    Note 5 is DD

  18. Robert Clark says:

    I buy these and have tons just to flash mods and shit. lmao