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ZTE ZMax 2 Unboxing + Review

Posted on November/7/2017 | Categories: Videos 10 Comments

ZTE ZMax 2 is a great budget phone without the budget specs and budget experience. I forgot to talk about this in the video but the home key (circle) lights up for notifications and charging. But, it does not turn off when the phone is fully charged. Also, the LCD is party on when the notification light is on, meaning the LCD is kind of part of the buttons.

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10 Responses so far.

  1. James Donald says:

    Can you disable all sounds inching keys? Tx

  2. James Donald says:

    Interesting since specs say full 1080 p camera . Sure on that? Tx

  3. Unruly kid says:

    how long you think it can last

  4. Joshua Bent says:

    +green usher did you get the marshmallow update for the ZTE zmax 2 as yet?

  5. L Robinson says:

    April 25 is my birthdy👌😂💙 and this is my phone

  6. Henry Rojas says:

    on a 720p screen you wanna see a 1080p video???…… oh god!…

  7. Devesm 132 says:

    can you root it
    and how

  8. Whatatay T says:

    Currently $49.99 at Best Buy

  9. CeeGiiBorels says:

    Link2SD can remove the Bloatware, i got mine for $49 at Bestbuy, backup to my Moto X Pure

  10. NBH BadBoy says:

    Any lag on Pokemon go