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ZTE Zmax 2 VS Samsung Galaxy S5

Posted on April/3/2016 | Categories: Videos 11 Comments

The ZTE Zmax 2 is a prepaid At&t Gophone that also comes unlocked. It features a QUALCOMM snapdragon 410 cpu and adreno 306 gpu with 2GB Ram. The Zte Zmax 2 budget android phone will battle the Samsung Galaxy S5 G900A in this speed comparison. The Samsung Galaxy S5 Features a Snapdragon 801 chip with 2gb of ram and adreno 330 gpu. The Samsung Galaxy S5 is a flagship android smartphone from 2014.

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S U B S C R I B E: https://goo.gl/UqMLSl
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11 Responses so far.

  1. Armando Arroliga says:

    who has snapchat on this phone ?

  2. Mr.MinerBro says:

    FIRST OFF, MY ZTE COSTED 100.30 DOLLARS, yes it was a gophone, it is great, I love it, it is really fast, smooth, and has a lot of room, idt at mine is like urs cause it has a different design, mine came from Oregon/Portland. It had a really thin touch, blue edges, came with a case, and a camara infront view with high definition.

  3. Antonio Rivas says:

    good job, this video helped me out.

  4. TeamHaro56 says:

    I wish zte would make a flagship

  5. PussMag says:

    not exactly there as Note 3 at similar spec, but half the price beats it

  6. Matthew Murray says:

    I have the zte! on it right now! I was so sure when I bought it that it was just gunna be big and flashy, but the hardware was going to be sluggish.. wrong!! Very quick phone, I was blown away by it. And for the possible buyers out there, this phone is way faster than my iPhone 5s. Great review!!

  7. James Morgan says:

    nice comparison..

  8. Lisa Brinker says:

    Nick from Everything Tech gives the best, unbiased, informative reviews. I have read and watched many reviews…….You are doing an awesome job!! Favorite You Tube tech reviewer.

  9. Luis Rodriguez says:

    Can you do lg g stylo?

  10. LZ Awsome Gaming says:

    I have a ZTe zmax 2 and it's awsome

  11. MANLEY7878 says:

    This phone needs recognition root and ROMs its fast and I some what prefer it over my G3