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The ZMAX in this vid was a REAL phone not a store display. This ZMAX had been used for 6 months before this droptest. It was not able to charge due damage to the charging port but the phone had no physical damage what so ever.

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20 Responses so far.

  1. Anthony Morabito says:

    socks and sandels

  2. Alejandro Siordia says:

    thats crazy

  3. Average Angel says:

    I dropped mine accidentally from the top level of these apartments which was 5 stories and survived xD

  4. Average Angel says:

    "20 feet" XD like 9 feet xD

  5. Seth Cox says:

    had mine maaad long…drop it all the time…dropped it from tree once…fine…hit the roots on the ground BTW…its dope

  6. nicholas cato says:

    What cam did you use to record?

  7. Angel M says:

    I shot my iPhone 6 with my issued gun. It was during a torture test my team and I had. IPhone 6 vs Zte Zmax vs Kyocera Hydro Icon

  8. FROSTY MAN960 says:

    the reason why I'm watching this is because I have the ZTE ZMAX

  9. Luis Osorio says:


  10. Luis Osorio says:

    I have that same phone right now & I had it once it came out till now I still have it my phone feel a whole bunch of times & even from 12ft when I was jumping a fence & was still good

  11. HeyThatsMrDave says:

    You DO realize you could have just taken it apart and modified it to charge?
    But then again, I've had a ZTE ZMAX and it's currently at ZTE [again] because it sucks for reliability.
    If they send me the same phone back, Im making another RMA and sending back a heavy brick.

  12. shane premraj says:

    poor phone

  13. Tyler Brown says:

    you got a little to excited there, bud.

  14. Ana Pascual says:

    my fear of this phone

  15. shisuiofthebodyflicker says:

    like the bid but music annoying


    this isnt the same phone i got…. i got the ZTE MAXX+ … i can tell by the screen and back its totally different but avrage its little simular … but the MAXX+ is better .. if ur loooking for a good phone

  17. Erik Clements says:

    I'm your 157th Subscriber yay!!!!

  18. ibrahima758 says:


  19. Genres YT says:

    you're the whitest black person I've ever seen

  20. Vlog Game96 says: