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ZTE ZMAX hard reset for metro pcs

Posted on October/13/2017 | Categories: Videos 13 Comments

ZTE ZMAX hard reset for metro pcs

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13 Responses so far.

  1. TheSportsKid2005 A.K.A The Awesome Analyst says:

    what happens if you dont the android logo

  2. Mangleswag 36 says:

    Thanks this was very helpful

  3. Andrea Codner says:

    how long does it takes for the phone to reset

  4. Danny Chavez says:

    resest is taking VERY long, why??

  5. Dennyse Xxdeadshot115xX says:

    thank u because someone in my family put a pin code and i wasent able to open my phone. thank you

  6. Brandon Beckworth says:

    im gay

  7. Kevin Diffut says:

    Thanks 😩

  8. MoonlitAngel1 says:

    mine says FTM….
    all i'm thinking now is "WTF"
    what the heck is this!

  9. Susan Williams says:

    he great me

  10. Karwon Carraway says:

    Can you get everything that was deleted back

  11. Belizean Gal says:

    It's been erasing for 20 mins now

  12. Belizean Gal says:

    Mines is still erasing

  13. iiTsRoyalist says:

    When I get to the part that u have to use the down button of the volume it doesn't work how can I fix it if possible