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Posted on April/4/2016 | Categories: Videos 11 Comments

A look at the ZTE ZMAX smartphone with a 5.7″ hd display that’s available on Metro PCS.

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11 Responses so far.

  1. Name the nameless says:

    any one how to change the view of apps ??

  2. Marselo Zavala says:

    zte is too big lg g stylo is better

  3. 01artist says:

    I have the same phone but through Cricket Wireless. Is there anyway to block a person from texting you? If they try and send a text it will say text undeliverable on their end? I have this guy I know that text me like a crazy woman. I need help. I do not want to get a new number but I will if I need to. . .

  4. Michelle Castillo says:

    I am getting zte zmax plus

  5. Light Skinned says:

    It has a very strong screen when i broke my zmax i got very mad and threw it at the ground because thats what i had in my hand at the moment but the glass didnt even break the digitizer or display broke which is an easy fix so its a good phone

  6. Mary Tuthill says:


  7. Ashley Rogers says:

    how do you change the volume button settings ? like for a selfie stick you have to change the volume key setting to the camera setting . anyone know how ?

  8. Latavia Ray says:

    how much was the phone?

  9. Amazora Taiapisi says:

    I love this phone! I have one😍😍 its amazing to use! even to watch Netflix or whatever movies cause its big.

  10. Tymoshio Robinson says:

    How's the speed of the device?? +techshuttle 

  11. Alyssa Love says:

    I have that phone it is actually cool