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(ZTE ZMAX PRO) 🤔 tricks and tips updates🤔

Posted on October/7/2016 | Categories: Videos 9 Comments

Nova launcher cool text.com ZTE updates coming very soon😁😁

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9 Responses so far.

  1. Kerri Fisher says:

    thanks for the info👍👍😉

  2. Juan Mendoza says:

    do you know if this phone has gyroscope it need it to play like pokemon and vr game

  3. peter kamau says:

    did my phone never dies

  4. Dylan Hunter says:

    i agree battery life isn't that great on this phone

  5. Marie B says:


  6. GOD'S Child says:

    As far as the drainage I just use the phones battery saver app in the notification toggle and it works fine

  7. GOD'S Child says:

    Good video tips btw.

  8. GOD'S Child says:

    This is an old feature for Nova Launcher Prime. You can just go to Nova settings , look and feel, then there you can hide or show notification bar.

  9. Dark Matter says:

    Yeah i noticed it dies faster 60% and up but when it reaches 60% it dischsrges slower.