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ZTE ZMAX PRO 981 frame / glass removal

Posted on June/15/2017 | Categories: Videos 3 Comments

ZTE ZMAX PRO 981 frame / glass removal.

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3 Responses so far.

  1. Alton Kilbourne says:

    bro you did not follow the video for one thing the front glass you need a heat gun or blow dryer and the zmax has four parts to take off (the logic board-battery- charging port-and volume/ power flex cable) then you need tape for the front glass lcd to the frame.i watched the same video i never took this phone apart before now i have done it three times now my phone screen is cracked real bad i ordered the lcd display plus the frame together too me it better less time with the repair and one other thing buy from ebay you don't know if your buy oem part ir after market part a oem part will be a 1080p display some after market part are only 720p check them out before you buy it or you can order from a company that repair this phone or order the display and frame from zte it will be higher in price but it will be better the some after market piece of crap it will mess up

  2. joey ortiz says:

    ya so how did that go did u need glue

  3. Wesley Robinson says:

    Do You Need Glue To Put The Other Screen On???