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ZTE ZMAX PRO After Two Months Of Use

Posted on February/26/2018 | Categories: Videos 10 Comments

Video Sample Video: https://youtu.be/Ne4COg-Wzfw

Picture Sample Video: https://youtu.be/-U4av9t-XDc

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10 Responses so far.

  1. dubbeatdown says:

    When you bought the phone after activated did you charge it immediately to 100% cause I'm thinking that's the issue why it's dying so fast ppl are not do that?

  2. Roy Nelson says:

    Hello my friend can you get any service with this particular phone it looks like a really nice phone for the money $100 can't beat that thanks for the great review my friend

  3. princessshy _ says:

    2 months😂😂I've had mine for 9 months lol

  4. Jorge Omar Gomez says:

    This phone is garbage

  5. Victor Westley says:

    Best view man… You've earned a subscriber. Keep it up 👍👍

  6. Goddess Anonymous One says:

    What is NFC

  7. Vuxin says:

    Speakers are never an issue for me since I always use headphones

  8. Platnium Sky says:

    Lmao not being mean but damn that accent thick af

  9. redbeacon says:

    I've had my zte max pro for a month and I love it faster then my galaxy mega phone

  10. M H says:

    I feel jealous. I paid $750 for my Nexus 6. The ZTE is a lot of phone for the price. I just purchased two for my kids and they love it. Time will say if they last as long as my pricy nexus.