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Hi everyone this is confirmed to be released very soon the B15 and B16 System Update for the ZTE ZMAX Pro thanks for watching please Subscribe for more future videos

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18 Responses so far.

  1. Eric Harlow says:

    Hey! I am really thinking about getting this phone soon.. I just wanted to know, how are phone calls on this phone as far as voice clarity and loudness? I am torn between getting this or the LG Aristo for T-mobile. Can someone give me their thoughts, please

  2. NIKOLAS says:

    nice vids keep it uo

  3. van brown says:

    when will zte zmax pro will gwt android 7.0 update

  4. Mike Mcleod says:

    how can I hook up the blue tooth to my car

  5. van brown says:


  6. Josh TechGamer says:

    Like this phone 12 k coming up Damm great job Paul

  7. Wayne Carrethers says:

    I want to know where you all are getting this information cuz this is the only place im finding anything about. is this info from official sources?

  8. Theoxymoron86 says:

    I have a tmobile variant and it shows B9, is that because t-mobile got it later or is my phone out of date? It says that it is up to date, just trying to figure you out how to make my phone the most up to date as possible. Thanks

  9. Adam Weisholtz says:

    what's up with the HTC giveaway Paul?

  10. Johnnie Johnson says:

    and is this for the metro right?

  11. Johnnie Johnson says:

    when are they coming out?

  12. Woodench Theo says:

    where do you get this information from?

  13. Will Travis says:

    Paul, who won the 530. Congrats to the winner

  14. SwaggaSplashin83 says:

    We want root though

  15. Jalissa Rollins says:

    how much does it cost to fix my screen

  16. Jalissa Rollins says:

    when do we get this update

  17. maricheri239 says:

    Still. On B08.. Happy

  18. Eric Harlow says:

    are these updates coming for the T-Mobile version? I am looking to getting a second phone just for my VA medical appointments.  I can't decide to get either the LG Aristo or the ZTE ZMaxPro for Tmobile