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And today’s video I share with you my experience using the ZTE zMAX Pro for the past couple hours after updating my system to the new B21 update a my opinion the update is safe and has not affected my ZTE zMAX Pro in a negative way everything’s pretty much working perfect and we also did receive the August 2017 security patche. well if you found the video helpful informative please hit that thumbs up button and please subscribe to the channel for more future videos

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14 Responses so far.

  1. Heather Draws says:

    ? How much space do you need to update to "B21"???

  2. Heather Draws says:

    How much space do you nessararly need to update to B21

  3. Heather Draws says:

    Mine keeps saying Error…of network and I'm on wifi… I don't understand what's wrong???

  4. Wendy Williams-Humphrey says:

    Hey Paul, I enjoy watching your videos on the Zmax Pro z981. But my issues I've been having since the B21 update is that; 1.) I'm having to double tap to back out of any screen. 2.) Phone losses power extremely fast(or so it seems), because I can be on 72% & all of a sudden I'm beeping with 10%, then phone instantly goes dead . Plug up phone to charge & to no surprise, I'm actually on 59%. 3.) Phone powers itself on/off.
    4.) Phone overheats extremely.
    Something about this update is unsettling for me

  5. can i get 1000 sub before 2019 says:

    How come ur ZTE ZMAX pro looks different?
    It looks way better 🙁

  6. RaZoR Jr says:

    What lancher ur using?

  7. RaZoR Jr says:

    I didn't get b21 yet 🙁
    If u can help me plz tell me

  8. Tiaraaa says:

    How did you get that setup?

  9. The Best Is Yet to Come says:

    May I ask what launcher are you using where you pull up to get your apps?

  10. Abdi Yusuf says:

    You just got yourself a subscriber 👍👍👍

  11. Alton Kilbourne says:

    Finally updated my zmax pro to b21 update it took me three times updating the phone to b21 from the original software that on the phone to b14 then b20 then b21 the phone is way better then before.

  12. Tori Lyons says:

    how you get your app drawer background black?

  13. Brandon Mar says:

    What is that launcher, can anyone help me out?

  14. Cristian Ortiz says:

    +Paul Tech I know that you'll have an answer for me, when my friend tries to video call me, I can't see him, and video turns off, my battery is 36% and power saver isn't on. Please Help!